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Macro-models for teaching


The models listed in this page are meant for a introductory macro-economics course (undergraduate studies) with students who already have conceptual knowldege in system dynamics (they know the basic structures&behaviors, how to "read" and simulate/interpret models). They have to learn to understand macro-economic situations in their dynamic dimension and to distinguish between three schools of thought (SoT):

The plan is to study SoT by SoT, inquiring forst each market and then the system. The simulation models will be used as one "learnig object" together with others, including a introductory textbook. As a product, students have to become able to anticipate behavioral responses to shocks and justify them using "causal loop diagrams" that are coherent with the underlying simulation model.

At this time, models are only in "iThink" format.

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The models


Labor market

Exploration model - Model with sensitivity run - Flash presentation

In spanish: modelo de exploracion

Capital market

In spanish: modelo de exploración

The system


(to come soon...)


(to come soon...)